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Flexible Working for HCPs: How to Achieve a Work/Life Balance

By February 22, 2022No Comments

One in five healthcare workers have quit their jobs since the pandemic began. Whether through burnout, or the struggle to balance work and family life, healthcare workers are finding themselves faced with a stark choice between their own wellbeing and the career they love.

On the face of it, that decision may feel like an impossible choice. But we’re here to show you there is another option.

The post-COVID exodus

According to recent studies, between 20% and 30% of frontline US healthcare workers say they are considering leaving the profession.

Never before have we seen an influx of patients requiring critical care like the past two years. Frontline staff in particular have experienced grueling workloads, little time off and – in some quite staggering instances – cuts to their pay and benefits.

Among those who quit or were laid off, more than half cited the Covid-19 pandemic as a “top” reason they left, while half said they wanted more money or better benefits.

As we find ourselves facing the next wave of the virus, it’s no surprise many healthcare workers are drawing a line in the sand and searching for new opportunities.

How to get back on track

If these statistics ring true for you, have you considered there is another way to get back into the career you love, without compromising your wellbeing?

We’re on the lookout for ambitious healthcare workers to join the Seacole Health team. Many of our team members have extensive healthcare experience and know exactly what challenges you’re facing when it comes to maintaining a work-life balance and returning to work after a period out.

That’s why we offer family-focused, flexible job opportunities based on your location and available hours, and we always pay what you’re worth. Whether you’re a nurse or phlebotomist, a research coordinator or a doctor, we have an opportunity for you.

Take a look at all the roles we have on offer here.

Take back your life with true flexibility

How many times in your current role have you missed a dental appointment, rescheduled a lunch date or run late for daycare pickup?

As healthcare professionals we regularly put our patients first at the expense of our personal and family lives. Of course patient care is paramount, but when the consequence is professional burnout and resignations, the cycle needs to change.

When you become part of the Seacole Health team, your success is our business. Our teams work on a per diem basis, with no commitment required until you sign up for a shift. This gives you the flexibility to select shifts that match your skills, licensure, availability and location.

The result is a rewarding, supported environment where you have the opportunity to be part of truly life changing medical advancement.

Prioritizing your learning and development

All our agency staff receive learning and development opportunities to help you progress your career with confidence.

Whether you’re a healthcare practitioner or a research coordinator, we have opportunities to suit your needs.

Start your journey to a better future today

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today to learn more about making a positive difference on your own terms.

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