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How clinical research experience can make you stand out from the crowd

By October 31, 2022June 5th, 2024No Comments

If you’re looking to enhance your skills and add valuable experience to your resume, clinical research nursing can do just that.

As a healthcare professional, it can be difficult to gain new skills and develop professionally due to the confines of your full-time role. But in the healthcare job market, you want your resume to give you an edge over the competition.

Not only do clinical research healthcare professionals play a vital role in improving patient care and treatment, but they also gain a wealth of skills and experience which are in high demand from employers.

Building your nursing skills for the future

Nurses’ roles and responsibilities have evolved significantly over the last few years, driven by innovations in healthcare delivery and a renewed focus on clinical trials as a solution to global health challenges.

Our research nurses work at the cutting edge of science. They work as study coordinators as well as healthcare providers, liaising with principal investigators and site-specific assessment offices, as well as collaborating with clinical and non-clinical managers, clinicians, governing bodies and patients.

The work we do to support clinical research is driven by rapid technological advancements in telemedicine and the growth of decentralised and hybrid clinical trials. That means our nurses directly impact clinical trial operations and outcomes, delivering the necessary services to prevent delays in study completion and progressing novel therapies.

Driving innovative thinking in healthcare

Continuing professional development (CPD) is central to a nurse’s career-long learning commitment and is vital for keeping your industry knowledge and skills up-to-date.

Working as a clinical trials nurse not only gives you the opportunity to support life-changing research, it also expands your professional knowledge and encourages innovative thinking.

Experiencing different challenges and perspectives leads to new ideas for improving healthcare delivery, bringing about positive, patient-focused change across the entire clinical journey.

For example, increased reliance on mobile healthcare delivery as a result of the pandemic has meant nurses and other healthcare practitioners have acquired technology skills which are transferable to many other parts of their job.

What makes working with us different

We bring our 50 years of healthcare and clinical research experience to pioneer advancements in clinical research and decentralised clinical trials. As part of the mdgroup family, we can offer you access to work opportunities at the forefront of global clinical research.

For over two decades, mdgroup has been on a mission to make life better for patients and caregivers taking part in clinical trials. That means going above and beyond to support patients in the way that works best for them and their lives. Along every step of the clinical journey, mdgroup strives to bring remarkable.

The Seacole team’s role is to seek out the most rewarding job opportunities in patient care and clinical studies. Every individual in our talent pool is carefully selected based on their experience, and we’ll go above and beyond to you with the best career opportunities that suit your needs and aspirations.

Are you ready to join us as a clinical research nurse?

Clinical research nursing is a positive, diverse and rewarding career move.

If you want to be challenged in new ways, contribute to innovation and deliver amazing results that could change the future of patient care and people’s quality of life, the step into research could be exactly what you’re looking for.

Get in touch with us today and learn more about making a positive difference on your own terms.

Find all our available opportunities & apply here.

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